Why Do My Teeth Keep Breaking?

For those who experience brittle or fragile teeth, life can be very inhibiting. Living with the daily fear of your teeth breaking can mean restricting your diet from your favourite foods. Frequent dentist visits for fillings and repairs can cost a lot of time and money.

If you have weak teeth that are brittle and break all the time – you don’t have to live with it. In this article, we’ll explain the main reason why teeth weaken. We’d love to give you the long term solutions that can return your mouth back to a happy healthy state.

After all, teeth are made for chewing! Rather than changing your diet to suit your teeth, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy all the foods that they love without the fear of teeth breakage.


Why Do My Teeth Feel Weak?

Our patients who experience frequent teeth breaking, report that their teeth feel weak and brittle. They don’t trust their teeth to be strong enough to chew their usual meals without having a piece of tooth coming off.

If you find yourself visiting the dentist every 1-2 years to have old fillings redone or chipped teeth repaired, then this is too frequent. By having numerous repeat procedures done, you could be further weakening your teeth rather than helping the problem. When a tooth goes through years of repeat fillings, it will contain more filling material than natural tooth.

The purpose of a filling procedure is to simply fill a hole in a tooth, it doesn’t provide any structural support to the tooth. Filling procedures work best when the hole is smaller than 50% of the tooth. That way there’s plenty of support from the natural tooth structure so that the filling can effectively do its job.

However, when you have a hole that is bigger than 50% of the tooth, the natural tooth structure is in a much weaker state and it becomes much like an egg shell. The filling material simply acts as a an artificial filling inside the thin shell of the tooth. This leaves your teeth in a very fragile and vulnerable state, and will feel weak. Teeth will continue to lose its strength with more repeated fillings, as you lose more and more of the natural tooth structure.

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The Better Way to Treat Chipping and Breaking Teeth

The old “drill and fill” method meant that every time your teeth break, they would receive a filling and then get weaker. Unfortunately, re-doing the filling multiple times on the same tooth doesn’t fix the underlying problem. 10 years down the track, your teeth would be weaker than they are today. What these broken down teeth need is to be strengthened and protected with a different procedure: a crown.

A crown is a bit like a helmet for your tooth. It covers the tooth and protects the insides from cracking. Dental crowns also restore the tooth back to its full strength. That way you can confidently chew food without the constant worry that a piece will break off.

One of the biggest concerns for a dental procedure like a crown is the expense. Crowns are a few times more expensive than a large filling. However, with its much lower maintenance requirements, the costs can be significantly lower across the long term. Crown treatments can last over 12 years with only regular preventative care. Whereas large fillings may need to be redone every 1-2 years. Not to mention that every time we re-do a filling, we end up with less and less tooth structure, and a weaker and weaker tooth.

If the tooth is broken down so much that it compromises the core structure, then the nerve can become damaged. It will require more complicated procedures, like a root canal or tooth removal.

Besides the long term cost benefits of choosing a crown treatment, we also support this option because it means that you can live your best healthy life. With strong teeth, you can enjoy all the foods that you love everyday, rather than modifying your diet in fear of your weak teeth breaking.


The Long Term Benefits

30 years ago, you may have gone to the dentist, opened your mouth, got a filling and then left. Nowadays, dentistry has evolved immensely to do better in providing beneficial, long term solutions. When you come into our clinic to have a filling done or a broken tooth repaired, our dentists are also brainstorming the reasons behind the problem and how we can best prevent that tooth from weakening further into the future. We look at treating the whole mouth comprehensively, not just the single problem tooth. This approach is called Preventative Dentistry.

At our clinic in Blackburn, we take this dental philosophy one step further by prioritising treatments that will last at least 10 years with regular preventative care. We aim for your teeth to be better and stronger in 10 years time than they are right now. It’s the type of dental service we would like for our family and friends.

You don’t have to suffer from your teeth constantly breaking and chipping. Contact us today and find out how you can make your teeth healthy and strong again.