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Kids No-Drill Dentistry

Dental treatment for young kids can be a challenging and fearful experience for both the parent and child. Any parent knows it’s impossible for children to sit still! Unfortunately, this makes it hard for kids to sit safely through a “drill and fill” procedure.

In the past, if a young child had cavities that needed fixing, they would require a general anaesthetic to complete the procedure. As a result, general anaesthetic added huge costs and stress for parents. With these high barriers to treatment, it’s no wonder dental decay has become one of the most prevalent health problems in Australia.

Instead, we want dental care to be easy as child’s play. Where treatments are necessary, we aim to make the process as happy and comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer a no-drill dentistry service. No-drill dentistry is great for young kids who need fillings because the treatment is quick and non-invasive. For this reason, no-drill fillings are ideal for fidgety or anxious children.

How does no-drill dentistry work?
No-drill dentistry is made possible by a special medication called Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF). It’s a liquid medication that is painted onto the decayed teeth. When applied, SDF stops the cavity from getting any bigger because silver kills all the bacteria causing tooth decay. Additionally, fluoride hardens the tooth surface.

At the dentist, the affected tooth is cleaned and the liquid is painted onto it. Afterwards, the liquid turns the decayed surface into a black colour and the decay is stopped in its tracks. If the decay is small, nothing else needs to be done because the tooth is well-protected by the treatment.

Where there is a physical cavity, depending on the situation, we may either fill it (with no need for drilling) or place a protective silver crown. We call this a “princess crown” or a “superman tooth” and kids love how sparkly and shiny it is. We’ve also designed our crown procedure specifically for children.

With no need to drill, the treatment is quick and gentle. Additionally, the ease of the procedure makes it possible to treat even multiple cavities in kids without the need for sedation or general anaesthetic.

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Will your kids benefit from no-drill dentistry?
Our no-drill service is suitable for young children of any age. It is particularly helpful for anxious children who can’t stand treatment done in the dentist chair.

Above all, our no-drill treatment can complete the dental procedure your child needs, without the stress or high-costs of general anaesthetic.

  • Quick
  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • Atraumatic
  • Suitable for kids of any age
  • Helpful for anxious children
  • No need for general anaesthetic

Any downsides?
The main downside to no-drill dentistry is poor aesthetics. While it stops decay straight away and prevents further damage, the treatment leaves the decayed surface a black colour. This black colour is caused by the silver active ingredient.

However, this colouration is short-lived for young children as their baby teeth fall out. With the alternative being general anaesthetic, no-drill dentistry offers small kids a safe way to ensure their teeth last until it can be naturally lost.

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