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Dental technology has come a long way to help restore your teeth and to maintain optimal dental health. While the aesthetics and quality of materials for dental Crowns and Bridges continue to improve and innovate, the final result is still largely dependent on the skill of the practitioner. When patients receive a hand crafted Crown or Bridge from our dentists in Blackburn, we’re proud of our extensive experience and perfectionist approach.

Our priority is to help our patients not only get a smile that they’ve always wanted, but also achieve functional and lasting teeth too. To ensure that your restoration work lasts over 10+ years with only preventative care, our Crowns & Bridges are all locally handcrafted and our dentists are highly experienced in returning even the most damaged teeth to full health.

Would you benefit from Crowns?

Patients who have had a lot of fillings done may notice that their teeth chip easily, feel weak when chewing and is in constant need of attention. Typically these patients may say to us “some of my teeth are more filling than tooth”. This is because when a tooth has undergone extensive destruction due to large decay, large cracks or multiple filling procedures, it is left in a weakened state.

Rather than continuing to weaken your tooth with more fillings, we can do a crown, which is a covering for the tooth that holds the tooth together and strengthens it. This can save teeth that have sustained significant damage in the past, allowing you to chew with confidence. A high quality crown will be indistinguishable from real teeth, and procedures from our experienced dentists will ensure that they are strong and comfortable.

Crowns are most commonly used to treat the front or back teeth and can repair a single tooth, multiple teeth or even an entire mouth. They can be helpful for dental problems such as:

  • Tooth with large decay or cavities
  • Tooth with large or multiple cracks
  • Tooth with multiple filling procedures
  • Weak teeth

Bring your teeth back to its best

Fix and strengthen your teeth back to its fullest health by booking in your appointment today at our dental clinic in Blackburn.

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