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Dental Implant to Replace Front Tooth

Valarie* sustained some facial trauma when she was roughly 10 years old. Her front tooth was severely damaged and the remaining root fragment that was left in eventually became black and infected. For many years, she wore a removable denture to replace the missing front tooth which was both uncomfortable and inconvenient. We helped her replace her damaged tooth with a dental implant and now she’s happy to not have to wear her denture anymore.


Handcrafted Crowns and a Denture

When we first met Jacquelin*, she was just so unhappy with her smile. She felt like she had spent a lot of time and money at various dentists over the years and never achieved a result that she was happy with. “All I want is to have a nice smile” she tearfully said to us. We helped her achieve this result with a combination of hand crafted porcelain crowns and a beautifully made denture. Now her whole face just lights up when she smiles and she just loves her new teeth!


Smile Makeover

For years, Karen* had been struggling with her front teeth. She was forever having fillings done on her front teeth to patch up her damaged incisors. The teeth and fillings would just keep chipping and breaking, causing her smile to look aged and worn. She eventually found the courage to embark on a smile makeover with us. We revitalized her smile with 8 intricately layered porcelain crowns which not only made her teeth look better, they made them stronger too! The new teeth make her look years younger and she just can’t stop smiling.

*names have been changed to protect the patient’s identity

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