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Dental Emergencies

Every day we see how distressing it can be to have a dental emergency such as a toothache, broken tooth or infection. That’s why we allocate time for emergency appointments during business hours so we can help you with your discomfort, often on the same day you call. As these appointments can fill quickly, please call us early in the day to ensure that you can be seen promptly to alleviate your dental emergency.

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Common reasons for a dental emergency

Tooth Nerve Pain (Endodontic Pain)

This is by far one of the most debilitating dental pain. Patients at our dental practice in Blackburn often report an excruciating pain from nerve pain problems. Some of our female patients who have given birth have told us that tooh nerve pain is worse than childbirth pain!

Every tooth has a nerve inside that can be damaged from decay, bacteria, deep fillings, cracks or repeated filling procedures. Endodontic pain is caused by an infection of the tooth nerve or the tooth nerve dying. Sometimes the infection in the tooth can become so severe that it causes swelling in the gums or face.

Usually, the quickest way to alleviate tooth nerve pain is to get rid of the infection. This is performed with a root canal treatment (see paragraph below).

Teeth that have had extensive treatment or deep fillings are more susceptible to getting endodontic (nerve) problems. Every time a treatment is performed on a tooth, it can cause stress to the nerve inside. If the tooth doesn’t recover from this stress, it can start to die and cause an infection.

If tooth infections are left untreated, a large abscess will form. This can then spread to the surrounding jaw and cause a life threatening reaction. We highly advise you to book in immediately if you are experiencing any type of dental pain.

Make an Emergency Dental appointment by calling (03) 8838 8820.

Root Canal Treatments

For relief from endodontic (nerve) pain, a root canal treatment is the quickest way of getting rid of symptoms. A root canal treatment is a process where we use small instruments and medications to clean and sterilize the nerve canal space (where the nerve used to be). It removes the bacteria and infection that is the source of severe tooth nerve pain. Once the inside of the tooth is clean, we then seal it up to prevent any future reinfection.

A root canal treatment can be performed across 1-4 visits, depending on the severity of the infection and complexity of the tooth. Even if your treatment takes multiple visits, the pain will go away after the first treatment. The Root Canal Treatment is performed under anesthetic and is completely pain-free.

If you’re experiencing excruciating tooth nerve pain, book an Emergency Dental appointment immediately. Call our dental clinic in Blackburn on (03) 8838 8820.

Lost, loose or broken filling

Once a filling is loose, it can allow bacteria to get in between the filling and the tooth, and cause things to go south very rapidly. The longer you leave it, the more the tooth will be damaged.

That’s why, with lost, loose or broken fillings, we recommend that you act quick and book in an Emergency Dental service. At your dentist appointment, we’ll perform tests to make sure that the nerve inside the tooth is healthy before deciding on the next course of action. If it’s not healthy and you simply fill it in again, it will cause more problems down the track. Our dental philosophy ensures that we find you the right treatment that will prevent the problem from occurring again.

If the fillings on your teeth tend to fall out frequently, that’s a sign that the tooth is in a weakened state. Rather than simply filling it again, your tooth may require strengthening and protecting. Usually this is performed with a Dental Crown.

Swelling in the Gum or Face

Common causes for gum or face swelling are tooth infections, wisdom tooth problem or other dental related issues. If you’re experiencing swelling, get it checked as soon as possible by booking in an Emergency Dental appointment.

There are no real home remedies for dental issues causing gum or face swelling, so avoid leaving it and hoping that it will go away. Most reasons for swelling require dental treatment at the dentist clinic to remedy the problem.

Follow Up Examination

If you have a dental emergency, we make it our priority to tend to your condition first, to alleviate your pain and make you comfortable. We highly recommend that you book a comprehensive examination after this emergency appointment to ensure that treatment is planned properly and nothing is missed.

Dental emergencies after hours

There’s never a good time for an emergency, so we have a dentist who is on call after hours to make sure you’re never without help when you need it most. Please call our office on (03) 8838 8820 and follow the prompts to reach our on-call dentist at any time.

After hours emergency treatment

If you book an appointment with our on-call dentist outside our opening hours, a callout fee of $500 will apply. Credit card pre-authorization for the full callout fee will be taken at the time of booking to confirm the appointment.

The call out fee includes:

  • A dentist and a nurse attending Whitehorse Dental to treat you.
  • A thorough examination, including any x-rays that may be necessary.
  • A diagnosis of the cause of your dental emergency and a discussion about your treatment options.

The dentist will then give you a quote on any treatment required before proceeding with further treatment.

Book in for a follow up comprehensive dental examination.

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